Great News for UK Gambling Market; Bet365 & William Hill Dominate Online

A new study conducted by Barcaly Research and YouGov has revealed a lot of interesting information about the UK gambling market. Operators (and tax collectors) are especially happy to hear that revenue from online gaming is expected to exceed £5 billion by 2020. In the meantime, Bet365 was ranked the highest in online revenue, William Hill has earned the most trust from consumers, Betfair has the greatest odds and Paddy Power is (not surprisingly) on top in marketing.

5-Year Live and Online Gambling Forecast

With a little help from the consultants at H2 Gambling Capital, Barclay Research showed that, in 2016, the UK gambling market anticipates and overall yield of £4 billion from online gross win. Researchers projected that number will increase steadily over the next five years, topping the £5bn mark by 2020.

The land-based market, however, isn’t expected to do quite so well. Last year, retail gambling generated about £3 billion, and analysts are predicting the figure to decline slightly by the year 2020, although it should still be near enough to the £3bn mark.

Bet365 Named Top UK Online Gambling Operator

It’s not a contest, and there are no awards to be handed out for receiving this title, but when it comes to generating revenue from online sports betting, casino and poker games, Bet365 is the #1 operator in the UK. The research discovered that, over the last 12 months, Bet365’s multifarious online gambling operation has been responsible for generating the highest volume of revenue, recorded at £1.28 billion.

The company’s two largest rivals, Paddy Power and Betfair, were tied for second at £1 billion a piece.

William Hill Named Most Trusted Brand

Again, William Hill won’t be receiving any awards for this, but a pat on the back is certainly in order. According to a nation-wide survey that was conducted by Barclay as part of the overall research, William Hill has earned the most trust from consumers.

The survey, which reached out to 1,017 respondents, asked which online gambling operator they felt was the most trustworthy. Of the 7 major operators available to choose from, 22% selected William Hill. Again, there was a tie for second place as 16% chose Paddy Power, and another 16% went to Betfair.

Betfair has the Best Odds

The majority of punters in the UK agree that the best odds can be found at Betfair’s online racebook and sportsbook. 29% of respondents chose Betfair as the best place to get favorable odds. Coming in a close second was Paddy Power, which received 22% of the votes. Bet365 rounded out the top 3 with 15%.

Paddy Power has the Best Advertisements

No big surprise here – Paddy Power received a whopping 52% of the votes when asked which online gambling operator has the best advertising campaigns. That’s more than 3x the votes that went to Bet365, who earned second place with just 15%.

Paddy Power is known for its unconventional, and always controversial, marketing techniques.

Paddy Power Controversial AdvertismentOne of the most scandalous of all was a 2002 ad that depicted a black and white image of two old ladies crossing the road (see image right). Odds bubbles appeared over their heads, meant to depict odds on who would get across first, but some saw the truck coming in the background and thought Paddy Power was taking odds on who would get run over first.

A billboard ad from Paddy Power once depicted Jesus and his Apostles, all gambling on various casino games at the Last Supper table. It featured the tag line, “There’s a place for fun and games” (this obviously not being one of them). That tactic got so many complaints the company had to take them down.

Just this year, a Paddy Power tractor trailer depicting famous foreign athletes traversed the country side (starting from Port Dover, of course), toting the slogan: “Immigrants, jump in the back! (But only if you’re good at sports).” You can surely imagine the negative attention that drew!

According to the results of the survey, however, it’s clear enough that more people—at least those who wager on sports—appreciate the humor of Paddy Power’s shockingly eccentric marketing techniques.

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