PayPal Slot Machines is dedicated to providing you with the best information on slot machines in the United Kingdom and further afield. On our website you can find information on everything from casinos in your town or city, to slot machine reviews and more. However, this is a huge subject and there is so much to cover, so if you want to learn more, then feel free to check out the sites listed below. These are our favourite sites and we are not affiliated with any of them, but all provide great info and so much more:


  • Grosvenor Casinos: Going under several different names, including Grosvenor G and Grosvenor Electric, this hugely popular brand has venues up and down the country, including several in some of the bigger cities like Manchester and London. A casino that carries the Grosvenor name is one that guarantees luxury surroundings, quality games and friendly staff.
  • Genting Casinos: These are part of the Genting Group, which is Malaysian owned and has a capitalisation of over £20 billion. Londoners may recognise Genting as the owners of the prestigious Crockfords card club, which attracts high rollers and professionals from across the world, whilst others will recognise it as the casino brand in their city, due to the fact that Genting operate 40 casinos across England and Scotland. Through their website, players can also play online casino games and poker, making use of their fully licensed, highly secure gaming website.
  • Aspers Casinos: Although not as big as the two brands mentioned above, Aspers still have many casinos dotted throughout the country, including Aspers at the Gate, which is located in Newcastle, and Aspers in Northampton. These tend to be smaller, but they come equipped with all of the latest and greatest technologies and games, and they also have bars and restaurants located onsite.
  • Gamble Aware: This is one of the UK’s Responsible Gambling organisation. Gambling addicts and those who want to learn more about gambling addiction can find a great number of articles and information on their website. They also have contact numbers for those seeking help, with a helpline that is open 7 days a week, 16 hours a day. For many people in the United Kingdom, gambling is harmless fun, but for others it is much more, and gambling addiction is a very serious issue that should be addressed straight away.
  • History of Slots: If you want to know where slots were first invented and what the first slot machine consisted of then checkout this article. This short educational piece discusses the first slot machine, which was known as the Liberty Bell and paved the way for the high-tech, highly visualised machines that we are so accustomed to today.
  • Britannica on Slots: For a long time the Encyclopaedia Britannica has been the go-to destination for pub debates, college kids and anyone looking to know the answer to any questions. It was rendered a little obsolete by the internet age, but Britannica embraced the internet age and all of their wise words can now be found online. This page looks at slot machines, discussing their many names, styles and more.
  • Visit Britain: If you’re in the country as a tourist, or if you are contemplating a visit, then checkout the official tourist page, which covers everything you could need to know, along with all of the best sights and attractions. Gambling is legal here and it is also very popular, so feel free to checkout the many bookmakers, casinos, poker rooms and more during your stay. A visit to watch the horse racing and/or the greyhound racing is also recommended, as these have played an integral role in the gambling tradition of the nation for many decades.
  • Gambling Commission: This official government website takes a look at gambling machines and slot machines, with an official line on how they operate in the United Kingdom and a brief rundown on the legality of them. This references the Gambling Act of 2005, which has been listed below.
  • Gambling Act 2005: This act is the act that all online gambling websites adhere to in the United Kingdom. Gambling is legal in the United Kingdom and unlike some other countries there is no grey-area here. Gambling on the whole is widely accepted and very popular, from sports betting, to greyhounds, horses, casinos, poker and slots.
  • Slot Machines Classifieds: These days many slot and arcade fans pick up machines for their homes or for their business premises, whether for fun or for profit. As far as profit goes, these machines can make a huge amount of money, and although there are jackpots on many of them, the money they bring-in usually negates these jackpots fairly quickly. These machines are not too expensive to buy, and if you don’t have a big budget then you can pick a damaged one up for next to nothing and then fix it up yourself. Remember that slot machines scan be placed in all sorts of premises throughout the United Kingdom, but you should consult the local council first, just in case.

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