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Play Slots on Samsung Mobile – Review

There was a time when Apple dominated the smartphone market, a time when the only pretenders to the Apple crown were the Blackberry’s sold by Research in Motion, and a time when everyone who was anyone owned an iPhone. Those days have changed, and most of that change was down to Samsung, who stood boldly up against the might of Apple, producing devices that cost the same but offered something completely different.

iPhone’s are great, most people will agree with that, but for many Samsung phones are even better. For many they offer more features, more variability. The Galaxy Note devices revolutionised the phablet, creating the perfect tool for both businessmen and creative types; the S series created a streamline phone that did everything you could want and came with a powerful camera. There is a reason that Samsung are one of the most popular smartphone producers in the world, and a reason why in many countries they outsell Apple.

We own Samsung phones ourselves, and one of our favourite things to do on them (and our favourite things to do on anything, for that matter) is to gamble. The Google Play store offers a lot in this area, a veritable treasure trove of fun slots, real-money slots and more. And once you tire of them you can use your Samsung phone to hit-up the real gambling websites, the ones that cater for this huge mobile market by offering software that can be downloaded onto it.

The Best Real-Money Slots for your Samsung Phone

The best way to play slots on your Samsung device is to head for an online casino. These days many of them have software that is compatible with all kinds of phones and tablets, and one of the best out there is BetFair. This world-wide brand rules the roost when it comes to sports betting, and in our opinion it also takes some beating when it comes to slot machines and casino games.

BetFair has games that were developed exclusively for your mobile, along with a whole lot more. Their games include Twin Spin, Chests of Plenty, Zuma, Starburst, Treasure Island and much more. Just click onto the “Arcade” or “Vegas Slots” section and see the extensive list for yourself. As a site that has been in business for many years, and one that never discards its old games, BetFair has a huge archive, with hundreds of slot games available, all of which can be played for fun to begin with, allowing you to get used to the game and its rules before you commit with any real money.

Not only does the BetFair casino work on your Samsung phone, but the BetFair sports book, exchange, arcade and poker room will also work on your phone — giving you the complete package.

Another site that you should consider is Betway, which is actually one of our all-time favourite online casinos. Just like BetFair, the casino software at Betway can be downloaded onto your Samsung phone and all of the casino games and slot machines can be tried for free, before you commit to playing the real thing and risking real money.

The Best Fun Slots for your Samsung Phone

If you don’t have a lot of money to gamble, or if you prefer to experience the rush and the thrill of slots without the risk of losing any of your hard-earned money, then there are plenty of ways you can download slot machine games for free. One of the best ways is simply to go with a site like BetFair and click on “Fun Play” for the games that you wish to try. There are hundreds of games on the site, as we have already mentioned, and you don’t need to deposit at any time in order to play. There is literally no limit to the amount of free games you can play, and by using this method you get to experiment and enjoy real slots — ones that typically dish out huge jackpots — risk-free.

There are other ways though, and for many the best way is to go to the Google Play store and download a game onto their Samsung device. The disadvantage to this, as far as we are concerned, is that these games were only ever intended for free and fun play, and therefore they don’t have the “real” feeling that many seek, but for some this is a pro, not a con.

If this sounds like your cup of tea then some of the games you should check out include Slot Mania, which has received over half a million votes and has a very high average rating; Slots Heaven, which is newer and is gaining equally favourable reviews; and Slot Machines by IGG, which is the fastest growing slot app on the Google Play store. All of these games are free to play and free to download, and there are many more out there. just be weary because whilst some of them make their money through ads alone, others use in-app purchases, and if you get hooked on them then these purchases can make your gameplay experience just as costly as playing the real thing!