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Lewisham Gamblers call Mayor’s £2 Slot Machine Bet Limit Proposal “Unfair”

Most slot machines have a wide betting range, including a scale of coin denominations and multiple paylines to deliver minimum and maximum bets of 1p up to £100 per spin. This is what gamblers are accustomed to throughout England, and

Underage Gambling leads to No More Slots at Blackpool’s Happy Dayz Arcade

With the help of the UK Gambling Commission, the Blackpool Council has vowed to crack down on underage gambling at family arcades where adult slot machines are often found. One such location, the Happy Dayz entertainment complex in Blackpool’s Golden

UK PC, Mobile Games Company shifts into High Gear with new Systems EVP

If you’re looking for a top-shelf wine, you don’t buy something that was bottled a few weeks ago. Likewise, if you’re seeking a beast mode executive to head up an international office, you don’t scour the top universities for 2015

Online Gambling Revenue still Sluggish in France, Regulators promise Change

Five years ago, the launch of regulated online gambling in France was the talk of the town. Online poker rooms, online casinos, online sports betting and horse racing markets – France was finally taking an authoritative step into the modern

London’s High Rollers achieve Best Win Rates of all UK Casinos

The United Kingdom is teeming with casinos, from the northernmost regions of Scotland to the southern tip of Great Britain. Typically, one might think the best payout percentages would come from some hole-in-the-wall dive where the slot machines are set

Double Luck Nudge, first Apple Watch Slot Machine designed by Pros

Slot machine manufacturers have been looking for ways to innovate the gaming industry for over a century. Likewise, Apple has played a significant role in the evolution of computer technology for nearly four decades. Put the two together, and something

New Mobile Gambling Study in UK has ‘Unbelievable’ Results

Last week, the results of a new mobile gambling study were unveiled in a press release. I generally enjoy reading the outcome of any study relating to online gaming, but this time, I was stupefied by several key factors. For

Gunmen steal Slot Machine from nondescript Game Room in Dallas, TX

The slot machine business is thriving in Texas, where only a specific breed of one armed bandits are said to be legal. They’re called 8-Liners, and these slots are incredibly popular – so popular, it seems, that three armed gunmen

Win a Trip to the Live Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament on November 14

If you live in the UK, are old enough to play blackjack for real money, and need a vacation—(who doesn’t?)—you may be interested in the upcoming Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament. This exclusive event is set to take place next month, and

Julio Iglesias says No More Trump Casinos, calls Donald “Clown”

Yet another foreign-born celebrity has denounced the US Presidential campaign of Donald Trump. After hearing Mr. Trump’s inflammatory comments against immigrants from Mexico, Julio Iglesias, the best-selling Spanish music artist of all time, has vowed to never sing in a