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Skrill Slots – Play UK Slots with Skrill for Real Money

We love slots. That’s what this site is all about after all. When it comes to online casinos we also single-out those that take web wallets and other online payment services, purely because we find it easier to keep track of our money that way. When it comes to gambling we like the ease of depositing a set amount into an online payment service and then using that money to gamble on as many sites as we want, with everything from poker to sports betting and, of course, slot machines. If we win then we withdraw back to that payment method and this means that a big score in a poker tournament could provide us with an extra few hundred spins on our favourite slot. This is a great way to keep track of gambling losses and although we typically use PayPal for this, we have recently been introduced to the benefits of Skrill.

What is Skrill?

Skrill was once known as Moneybookers, with the change happening in the last couple of years. The service has changed hands a number of times, with the most recent of these being for around £500 million. That puts its value someway short of PayPal, but many see it as the second biggest payment provider in the world, with only PayPal ahead of it, and in some countries it seems to be catching PayPal at a quicker rate than ever before.

As for as the operation of Skrill goes, it’s not too different from PayPal. It serves as a web wallet, taking deposits from credit cards, debt cards and other means, storing the money in an account and then making transfers to retail stores, gambling sites and to other Skrill users. Like PayPal, money can also be withdrawn to Skrill and then back to debt cards, credit cards, bank accounts and more. Skrill is often cheaper than PayPal, which is why many prefer it, but PayPal still has a bigger market share and is likely to continue to do so, simply because it is everywhere and will continue to lead the way on familiarity alone. It seems that few people want to change to something new and unfamiliar, even if it offers them better service than what they are currently using. We understand, because we’re the same. We use PayPal all of the time, even though we know that Skrill would probably be better for our needs.

Skrill is also used by many gambling websites, which also suits us. But just which Skrill casino is the best out there as far as UK customers are concerned? Which casino is the best for slots, but also accepts this easy-to-use payment service?

The Best Skrill Casino

This isn’t a hard decision for us as there is one casino that trumps all others and that one casino accepts deposits and withdrawals using Skrill.

BetFair is by far the biggest gambling site in the world, offering everything from poker with BetFair Poker, to slot machines with BetFair Arcade. It also has a betting exchange, which is how it made its name, and a sports book. In fact, it pretty much has every form of online gambling covered and that’s one of the many benefits of BetFair. One deposit from Skrill into BetFair and you’re covered.

Although, just because they have all online gambling covered, doesn’t mean they have the best of everything. BetFair Poker leaves a lot to be desired and we’re not big fans of the exchange, due to the fact that it can be confusing for first timers and also doesn’t really work for micro stake players due to the £2 minimum bet. Still, when it comes to slot machines, which is what we’re rating it on here, you can’t do better than BetFair Arcade.

BetFair doesn’t give away a lot of free bets and promotions on their exchange, but they more than make up for that on the Arcade. There are promotions all of the time and as well as a large bonus for all new members, there are also prizes for loyal members who play consistently. Many of these are themed, with Christmas Promos, World Cup Promos and more, so keep an eye out for big holidays or sports tournaments as there is usually a great promotion running alongside it.

There is no shortage of slots to play on the BetFair Arcade and they also have a number of exclusive games, including their own variants of the popular Chain Reactors games (our personal favourite) which take a little persistence before they pay off, but can be fantastic earners over the long term. There are also new games cropping up all of the time, with old games stored in an easily accessible archive, as opposed to being deleted from the site.

If you want to play slots in the UK, then there is no better place to do so than BetFair Arcade. If you want to use Skrill to do so, then consider that an added bonus.