Double Luck Nudge, first Apple Watch Slot Machine designed by Pros

First Pro-Designed Apple Watch Slot Machine, Double Luck NudgeSlot machine manufacturers have been looking for ways to innovate the gaming industry for over a century. Likewise, Apple has played a significant role in the evolution of computer technology for nearly four decades. Put the two together, and something incredible happens.

Two Chicago based games developers, Leading Edge Design (aka LED Gaming) and Purple Gator, teamed up recently to work on a new project. The end result was Double Luck Nudge, the very first digital video slot created by professional designers specifically for the recently launched Apple Watch.

Double Luck Nudge was released on the Apple iTunes Store last week, and wearers of the Apple Watch can get it for a nominal price tag of $2.99. The iTunes narrative describes the app as, “The first slot machine brought to you by professional, award winning, slot designers!”

The engineers of the new Apple Watch slot machine deviated from the typical social gaming aspect that is all too common in ‘free to play with IPA’ mobile device apps. There’s no social aspect to the game at all, no advertisements, and best of all, no in-app purchases (IAPs) encouraging players to spend more money.

Double Luck Nudge is simply a wrist-bound slot machine for anyone who wants to play, anytime, with “unlimited spins forever”.

The slots app is being billed as the “first real casino slot machine now on the Watch”, although it’s compatible with all iOS 9.0+ devices and tablets (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). The download size for the initial release, version 1.0, is listed at 53.9 MB.

Double Luck Nudge Slot for Apple Watch

Double Luck Nudge is an “old school Vegas Style” slot, featuring a classic 3-reel design with a single payline across the middle. The symbols are old school, too, depicting things like single, double and triple BAR icons, 7’s, plus a 2x winnings multiplier. Players can level up in the game and achieve special bonuses, both of which offer a mass of bonus coins to the user to keep their bankroll on the rise.

The most unique aspect of the game—one you wouldn’t find back in the heyday of Las Vegas—is the ‘nudge’ factor, which denotes the direction of a reel when it comes to a stop. BAR symbols with an arrow on them can be given a final nudge in the specified direction.


Apple Watch Slot getting Rave Reviews

The new pro-designed slot machine for Apple Watch is still very new, as are the watches themselves really, and when you throw in the fact that Double Luck Nudge is not free, the game hasn’t exactly witnessed a mass of downloads. However, of the few reviews that have been left so far, all of them received 5-star ratings.

Interestingly, while everyone seems to adore Double Luck Nudge, the sentiment towards most Apple Watch apps was not so gracious. “This is the first Apple Watch game that truly plays as expected!” said one customer. “I’ve been waiting to find an app that’s actually playable and finally Double Luck Nudge delivers! The game play is fast-paced and is extremely well polished.”

And that, my friends, is what sets Double Luck Nudge apart from the rest of the gambling apps optimized for Apple Watch play. It’s actually developed by professional slot manufacturers who know how to integrate long-lasting, realistic entertainment into their software.

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