Monthly Archives: November 2015

Lewisham Gamblers call Mayor’s £2 Slot Machine Bet Limit Proposal “Unfair”

Most slot machines have a wide betting range, including a scale of coin denominations and multiple paylines to deliver minimum and maximum bets of 1p up to £100 per spin. This is what gamblers are accustomed to throughout England, and

Underage Gambling leads to No More Slots at Blackpool’s Happy Dayz Arcade

With the help of the UK Gambling Commission, the Blackpool Council has vowed to crack down on underage gambling at family arcades where adult slot machines are often found. One such location, the Happy Dayz entertainment complex in Blackpool’s Golden

UK PC, Mobile Games Company shifts into High Gear with new Systems EVP

If you’re looking for a top-shelf wine, you don’t buy something that was bottled a few weeks ago. Likewise, if you’re seeking a beast mode executive to head up an international office, you don’t scour the top universities for 2015

Great News for UK Gambling Market; Bet365 & William Hill Dominate Online

A new study conducted by Barcaly Research and YouGov has revealed a lot of interesting information about the UK gambling market. Operators (and tax collectors) are especially happy to hear that revenue from online gaming is expected to exceed £5

Online Gambling Revenue still Sluggish in France, Regulators promise Change

Five years ago, the launch of regulated online gambling in France was the talk of the town. Online poker rooms, online casinos, online sports betting and horse racing markets – France was finally taking an authoritative step into the modern