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SkyBet — Casino, Pokies, Sports Betting, Poker and More

Here in the United Kingdom we have exclusive access to one of the best gambling destinations in the world. Backed by the billion pound brand that is BSKYB, SkyBet is a huge gambling site and one that offers fantastic customer

The Biggest Earning Sportsmen in the UK

Slot machine fans tend to enjoy sports betting just as much as they do slots. It’s gambling after all, and as far as many are concerned, us included, it doesn’t matter what form that gambling comes in. Personally, we bet

UK Government Rejects Appeal for Slot Machine Restrictions

Fixed-Online Betting Terminals have changed the gambling industry in the United Kingdom, for better and for worse, and these changes are continuing even several years after these machines were first launched. The first changes were positive. The machines earned a

Spin Palace Unique Games: Review

All casinos and all casino softwares have their unique games. These are not your common games of blackjack, craps, roulette or poker. They have nothing to do with slot machines, virtual scratch cards or video poker. These games are not

UK Gambling Addiction Stats

We recently posted some articles that looked at gambling in the United Kingdom, focusing on slot machines and FOBTs, but looking at gambling in all of its forms. We learned that horse racing and dog racing is on the decline

UK Gambling Stats: All you Need to Know Part 2

This is the second part of an article in which we aim to uncover all there is to know about gambling in the UK. In the first part of this article we discussed how the UK was not in the

UK Gambling Stats: All you Need to Know Part 1

We have always gambled and we have always been in circles with people who gamble a lot. To us, the UK is one of the best gambling countries in the world. Where else would you find a horse race like