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Biggest Match Fixing Scandals in Sport

Just hours before this article was written, there were reports surfacing of legendary golfer Phil Mickleson being embroiled in an illegal money laundering scandal, involving millions of dollars and several betting sites. It wasn’t quite the story we thought it

The Best Slots on BetFair Arcade

The BetFair Arcade is a slot heaven, with hundreds of slots from many of the industry’s best developers. This is where we spend most of our time, because with so much in one place, and with the biggest progressive jackpots

The Worst “Sports Book” Casinos

We recently published an article that looked at the best “sports book” casinos on the internet. This refers to online casinos that are attached to sports books, sites that have long established themselves as a sports book or betting exchange,

The Best “Sports Book” Casinos

A sports book casino is an oxymoron, because if it’s a sports book then it’s a sports book, not a casino. It made sense to us though, and that’s what’s important. What we are referring to are sports books that

Tips and Tricks for Winning at Bingo

Bingo used to be a game that was only played by the old, and often in retirement homes. You’ll hear countless jokes on The Simpsons about Grandpa and his friends doing everything for a game of Bingo. However, in the

The Psychology of Slot Machines

A lot of detail goes into the creation of a slot machine. It’s not just about creating a good game that players will enjoy. They have to get everything just right, so that it activates the reward and pleasure centres

Maximum Stake on FOBTs to be Reduced

Fixed Online Betting Terminals, which are often known as “Fobtees” due to the “FOBT” abbreviation, have divided the United Kingdom for many years. These games are adored by betting shops and by large sections of the gambling public. They bring

Winner Sports Book — Best Avoided

Most online gamblers are nomadic, moving from one online casino and sports book to the next to take advantage of as many free bets as possible. If this sounds like you then there’s a good chance you’ve encountered before,