When it comes to online transactions, PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods in Europe, and although credit cards and debit cards still lead the way in the UK, this seems to be changing as more and more people turn towards the ease and variability that PayPal offers. In fact, PayPal, credit cards and debit cards account for 96 out of every 100 online transactions completed in the United Kingdom, which is extraordinary when you consider the position that PayPal was once in.

PayPal was established in 1998, before moving onto the stock market four years later. 2002, as well as being the year of PayPal’s Initial Public offering, was also the year that PayPal became a subsidiary of eBay. From there it remained as an eBay company for many years, serving as one of the main ways for buyers and sellers to complete transactions on the eBay website, but before long it evolved into something more, something bigger. Within several years PayPal was being used by buyers and sellers on online marketplaces around the world, and it was also being used on other websites away from the eBay marketplace as well.

These days PayPal is used everywhere, with the majority of sites in the majority of countries using it as one of their primary means of receiving payments. It is used on everything from online pharmacies to online supermarkets and online electronic stores. In the last few years PayPal has also embraced the gambling community and these days it is used on poker sites, online casinos and even sports books from the United Kingdom to Australia. It is those sites and that payment provider that this site, PayPal Slot Machines, will focus on.

We are huge fans of PayPal, of slot machines and of gambling in general, and with the PayPal Slot Machines website we hope to bring those loves together and to spread them around, so that other fans of PayPal and slot machines can find websites that incorporate the two. Gambling is huge in the United Kingdom and it has been that way for many decades. Sports like horse racing and football are some of the most popular pastimes, and gambling goes hand-in-hand with these two, not to mention sports like rugby union, rugby league, darts, golf, cricket and so much more that make up the weekends and weeknights of this sporting mad nation. When it comes to table games and slot machines, the United Kingdom is just as obsessed and just as well equipped as Las Vegas, it just doesn’t have the glitz and glamour of the City of Sin. Not many people realise it, but the United Kingdom has a huge number of casinos, and along with some big and glitzy venues, they also have stacks of bookmakers, slot rooms, poker rooms and more, making this the gambling capital of Europe.

As residents of the United Kingdom ourselves, we know how big gambling is here and it is our goal to make gambling easier and more accessible for others in the United Kingdom. PayPal Slot Machines is run by a team of writers, dedicated to reviewing the best slot machines for the UK market, and to finding the best places to play them both offline (in towns and cities of the United Kingdom) and online. PayPal Slot Machines if an educational site, with a wide range of reviews, articles and much more that fans of slot machines will enjoy. It is an affiliate site, but one like no other. At PayPal Slot Machines we do not provide links to just any site and we have no bias, we play as many slots on as many sites (and in as many casinos) as possible and we review them honestly, only seeking an affiliate link when we have completed the review.

With decades of combined experience, and a team of writers that has lived all over the United Kingdom — and one that travels this green and pleasant land on a regular basis — we have an extensive knowledge of the best places to play slot machines, and through the PayPal Slot Machines website we aim to pass that knowledge on to our readers.

So what are you waiting for? If you live in the United Kingdom or you plan on visiting it soon, and you love slot machines, casinos and other forms of gambling as much as we do, then check out our comprehensive articles and reviews. If you want to read a little more about us, then click onto the About Us page, and feel free to read through our Terms and Privacy Policy.

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